Category: M2
Call used: IR6T
Date: 26/03/2017

We planned this contest to introduce some new operators to the wonderful world of contesting. Due to the high number ops available and to have more fun we decided to take part in the Multi Two category. Our main goal was to have fun and teach something to new operators, so we started the contest very relaxed.

The 40m system worked excellently for almost 48 hours, that was the key of the contest considering that the high bands were apparently dead. Good opening on Sunday afternoon towards North America with huge signals on 15m, unfortunately only a hundred of station came to contact us. On 80m and 160m we used a full-size vertical and a dipole respectively. We experienced some problems on 20m to contact europeans, sure we need to check the system and make some improvements to cover higher take off angles. The rest of the setup worked smoothly except for the inband which is still almost deaf. This not helped finding and working mults, by the way the mults resulted in a good number.

The last hours we checked on cqcontest and tired but well motivated we pushed more the score reaching 22.5M.

After all it was a nice weekend with good food brought by Sal IK8UND and good company. The newbie were happy and, at least for this point, we accomplished our mission. Still a lot of work needs to be done and they have to take part in a lot more contests.

Hope to see you in the next contests.


Category: MS HP
Call used: IQ6AN
Date: 11/02/2017
Operators: IK6JNH, IK6VXO, IZ6TSA

With the very good experience of last year WPX RTTY in mind, when we made a very huge result even if we only had one tribander and wires for 40 and 80 meters, we wanted to test our new antenna setup.

Two antennas were set up the weekend before the contest and even though we made some tests during the week, we had a lot of problems (fortunately fixed) during the contest, which resulted 4 trips to the towers and a lot of fatigue as we were only 2 and half operators. After all that was a test and helped us to understand problems that otherwise we would have faced in next contests. 

Apart from the big numbers of problem we managed it was a blast, a lot of activity on low bands. Thanks to the new 3el , 40m band was the best one. In our area 15m was very poor compared to the other years and obviously 10m was totally dead. We could improve 20m if the antenna had worked well, but thats it! More work has to be done on 80m (and also 160m) and for inband receiving in which we suffered a bit in this occasion.

Finally some new operators have been introduced to RTTY contesting and they are I6CXB and IU6HPN.


Very first update!

It’s almost more than one year and a half that we are working on the new station; during this time we completed a lot of works, mainly about the building which hosts our radio shack, both indoors and outdoors.

We also raised a new tower, provided by our friends of II9P, which is still nowadays not definitive because it lacks of some sections to be mounted. This tower is temporarily used for testing the antennas.

Talking about antennas, we bought recently over 350Kg of aluminium to be converted in antennas. So firstly, we started to build from scratch the 10m and 15m antennas due to their modest dimension. Both are 5 elements OWA designed by YU7EF and perform very well during the first tests.

In the near future we are going to work on a complete new tower and make 20m antennas. See you in the next update!